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Drug Revolving Fund (DRF) Lead Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Consultants


Abuja, Nigeria
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4 Applicants

Posted: 7d

4 Applicants


  • Provide oversight and coordinate the activities of all state DRF M&E consultants including capacity building workshop, health facility monitoring and supportive visits, workshops for development performance management plan, baseline assessment of state DRF scheme
  • Facilitate the formulation of key performance indicators to track the technical assistance provided by the project in fostering a sustainable DRF systems in states.
  • Engage stakeholders at all levels of government federal and state to support policy designs, develop a strategic implementation plan that provides for data visibility and standardized DRF information management systems.
  • Work with the state's DRF M&E consultants to standardize information management systems and requisite tools that will facilitate decision-making as it applies to fund and commodity management.
  • Work collaboratively with the states to understudy the structure of each state DMCMA to understand their peculiarities to provide technical support that ensures a sustainable supply chain system with a focus on establishing and deploying monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • In collaboration with respective states support the DMCMA to review DRF goals and objectives, conduct desk review of DRF initiation documents including work plans do develop M&E result framework taking into cognizance respective states priorities.
  • Support the development and deployment of requisite data management tools for processing, collecting, analyzing, and storage of the DRF logistic and financial transactions.
  • Conduct capacity assessment of the Agency personnel identified to attain the required skill set in carrying out DRF Monitoring and Evaluation function with a capacity building plan developed based on identified gaps.
  • Provide technical assistance and mentorship in establishing a rigorous performance management culture for the DRF in the respective states by facilitating data use for objective decision-making.
  • Facilitate the design of state-specific DRF performance monitoring dashboard
  • Provide technical support in carrying out routine DRF monitoring and supervisory visit, specifically building the capacity of the state DRF M&E team to deploy online data collection tool (Kobo) and subsequent data processing and analysis.
  • Facilitate the design and use of a state-specific DRF reporting template that will be used for routine reporting of DRF activities and performance.


  • Develop a comprehensive narrative report on all deliverables, Slide decks, and soft copies of both final and modifiable versions of all reviewed and developed documents.

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  • Level: Beginer
  • Remote: No
Salary: ₦ 0
Job Type: Full time
Deadline: Jan 20, 2022
Industry: Consulting
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Abuja, Nigeria


Abuja, Nigeria