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Request For Quotations For The Provision Of Catering Services In Edo

John Snow (JSI)
7 days ago0 Applicants
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S/nItemsSpecificationQuantityNo of daysLocation
1.LunchFried / jollof Rice, chicken (1/6) & water (75cl)401Benin, Edo State

Requirements / Evaluation Criteria
Bidders are expected to submit properly signed financial bid with company’s letter head paper.

  • Cost
  • Delivery Period
  • Validity period of quote
  • Waranty period
  • Specification
  • Vendor within Edo state should quote.


Delivery location

  • JSI/M-RITE Benin city - Edo state, Nigeria.


Vendor’s Expected Delivery Date:

  • On or before 21th of March, 2023.
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About the company
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John Snow Incorporated (JSI), has allied to strengthen the Nigerian health system. We are helping to strengthen market systems for family planning and HIV commodities in public and private sector.

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