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Senior Short-Term Expert (Preparing And Managing The National Greenhouse Gas (GHG))

Nigeria Climate Change Response Programme (NCCRP)
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  • Education & Training: Minimum Qualification: relevant University Degree, preferably with MSc, or equivalent, in Environmental Sciences, Policy, Engineering, or economics or other related fields.
  • General Experience: Minimum 10 years’ professional experience in missions with similar tasks, out of which at least 3 years in African countries; Experience in the field of climate change, and specifically in building national GHG inventory systems.
  • Specific Experience:  knowledge (i) in transparency framework and reporting requirements based on the UNFCCC and Paris agreement (ii) 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories; (iii) national GHG inventory management system; Specific Experience with the design of a national GHG inventory manual of procedures, reporting requirements under UNFCCC (e.g. national communications, biennial update reports, etc.); Carried out at least two assignments of a similar nature.

Provisional Date and Duration of the Mission
The duration of the Mission is estimated at 32 Working Days in Abuja spread over a period of 6 weeks in Abuja, according to the provisional Work Schedule found below.



Deadline (Month)


Task 0: Development of the STE’s inception report

January 2023


  • Task 1: Analyse the requirements on the national GHG inventory under the ETF for action and support referred to in Article 13 of the Paris Agreement;
  • Task 2: Critique the current national GHG inventory system in Nigeria;
  • Task 3: Design a national GHG inventory manual of procedures for planning, preparing and managing the GHG inventory.   

March 2023

  • Indicative Commencement Date: 16/01/2023


  • All weekends and public holidays are not considered to be Working Days unless previous exceptional approval has been obtained from the FMoE and the EUD

Global Provision for Use of Incidental Expenditure for a Mission:

  • If the activity is to be financed under the Incidental Expenditure, a detailed Excel Sheet is needed for indicating the breakdown of the budget details.

Dates of Approval from the FMoE and the EUD:

List of Annexes pertinent to the mission:

  • Technical assistance methodology of the Conseil Santé Consortium for the NCCRP implementation;
  • EUD ToR;
  • Reports on the development of the MRV systems in Nigeria.

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About the company

We are set up to improve Nigeria's GHG emission profile with the aim of pinpointing mitigation actions reducing energy use and costs in favor of renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions.